sâmbătă, 8 septembrie 2012

Learned lessons

It's my Birthday today...a Birthday I didn't really want to celebrate, a Birthday that comes after a year of unimaginable changes in my life, changes that I really didn't expect or want, but...life doesn't always give you the best package of hopes, dreams, friends, love-ones just like that. Sometimes you have to earn them, to fight for them, or... to learn to let go.

I learn in a year, I guess, more than I learned in the last 10, I wish that all those facts about life didn't have to come  and hit me like a big tzunami, but probably somehow I ran out of time...and it had to be done. As I always said, I know everything happens for a reason, it must be a reason for this too.

So this is what I learned:

-  that the ONE - that special man- comes at one point in your life and might go, so always count on yourself.

- that friends may become in a way your family

-  that the most valuable things in life are: knowledge and health, not money.

- that you should be more worried not to lose yourself instead of fearing you might be heartbroken

-  that there are things you can't forgive about yourself no matter what others will say or how much time passes.

-  that you can cry an ocean of tears and still feel the same pain as before, so you'd better do something about yourself instead of crying!

-  that second chances are not always what you expect them to be.

-  that people make big mistakes but they don't always intend to hurt you, maybe sometimes they are just confused or lost.

- that the things you fear the most will happen to you unless you find the strenght not to be afraid anymore.

- that you are never alone and that angels exist, but sometimes we are too blind to see that.

- that the truth doesn't always set you free, sometimes it kills everything.

- that people change and feelings change and no matter how much it hurts you'd better accept it! There's no one to blame for that!

-that you don't choose the people that stay in your heart, your soul does.

- that sometimes is easier to forgive someone else then yourself.

- that when something that hurts you badly happens, you don't have to ask "why?", but "what can I do to make it better?"

- that we have two ears and just one mouth for a reason, but somehow we keep failling to remember that we need to listen more.

-that everytime you step out of your confort zone you become stronger and wiser!

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